Any membership fees is strictly non-refundable.
Members should carry seprate sports/running shoes inside the gym.
Members should use the gym only once a day.
Strictly children will not be allowed inside the gym for any reason.
Members should demand bill and receipts.
Members should provide 2 photographs and 1 aadhaar copy at the time of enrolling membership.
Members should strictly follow the exercise cousume/attire.
Members should not handove mobile,wallets,laptops and your belongings in the reception/front desk.
Members should strictly not practice any illegal personal Training(PT) with any trainers.if found guilty the management will cancel your membership without refund and the trainer will be terminated immediately without notice.
Membership should not drop weights after places the weight gently.
should replace the fitness equipments and weights in its respective racks.
Membership should use all the equipments gently and take trainers advice if necessary.
Membership should not demand custom music or volume at the gym any members or with the management staff their membership shall be suspended or expelled from the club without notice or refund.
Every member should ensure the thumb access at the time of entry.
Belongings may not be left in daily lockers overnight the management is not responsible for your belongings.
Management will not take any responsibillity for your belongings.
Members should bear the responsibillities of the charges levied for any damage/breakage of the gym properties caused due to your negligence.
All singns and posters in the club shall be considered as part of the gym rules and regulations.
Strictly no photography or videography inside the gum.